Electrical Board


The Electrical Board consists of five members that serve two-year terms and are selected as follows:

  • One general contractor
  • One person from TU Electric (TXU) who shall rotate once each year
  • One member who, in the opinion of the City Council, is qualified, through education and practical experience, to perform the duties of a board member
  • Two master electricians

Current Members

    Term expires: 2025
  • Mark Bryson
    Term expires: 2024
  • Farid Ebadian
    Term expires: 2024
  • Ignacio Vazquez
    Oncor representative
    Term expires: 2025
  • Larry Talbert
    Term expires: 2025

About the Board

This board:

  • Acts as an appeals board in settling differences arising from code interpretation by the electrical inspector and any permit holder
  • Adopts rules, regulations, and policies for examination and re-examination of applications for issuance of electrical licenses
  • Makes recommendations and suggestions for the improvement, enforcement, and administration of the electrical code