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Dear Birth Mother / Parent

Thank you for considering bringing your baby to the fire station. No matter what difficulties you are going through, you still chose to bring your child to a safe place. Thank You. Please know that we will do everything we can to give your beautiful child the best possible care.

Baby Moses Project

The Baby Moses Project was established to address an alarming increase in newborns being abandoned in perilous places. The mission of the project is to publicize a confidential, and safe alternative to newborn abandonment.

The youngest and most vulnerable members of our society deserve a safe shelter and a chance to have a happy childhood. With the cooperation and assistance of compassionate individuals, this project has undoubtedly lead to the successful saving of numerous lives.

The Baby Moses Law

The Baby Moses Law is the common name of a law authorizing a designated emergency infant care provider to take possession of a child who appears to be 60 days old or younger if the child is voluntarily delivered to the care provider by the child’s parent and the parent did not express an intent to return for the child. You can find thislaw in the Texas Family Code, Chapter 262, Subchapter D, "EmergencyPossession of Certain Abandoned Children."

Law Purpose

One purpose of the law is to encourage parents who wish to surrender their children to do so with a designated emergency infant care provider, rather than at a dangerous location. The law also protects parents from criminal prosecution when they deliver a child 60 days old or younger who is unharmed to a designated emergency infant care provider.

Medical Problems

When you place your child in the custody of the firefighters, we will offer you a voluntary health form to fill out at your convenience. You do not have to provide your name or any information that you do not wish to share. The Voluntary Health Form is also available online, if you wish to fill it out prior to contact with us. 

Baby Moses Health Form