Fines & Court Costs


The fine assessed is determined by the facts and circumstances of the case. Mitigating circumstances may lower the fine, even if you are guilty. On the other hand, aggravating circumstances may increase the fine.

  • Maximum fine for most traffic violations is $200.00.
  • Maximum fine for most ordinance violations is $500.00, but can be as much as $2,000.00.
  • Maximum fine for State law violations is $500.00.

Court Costs

In addition to the fine, court costs mandated by state and local law will be charged on each violation for which you are convicted. The costs differ depending on the violation. You need to check with the clerk of the court for the amount that will be assessed for the violation for which you are charged.

Payment Options

The Corsicana Municipal Court currently accepts cash, checks, and money orders. MasterCard and Visa payments are accepted only if you make the payment in person.

If it is determined that you have insufficient resources or income to pay in full, the Court will provide other alternatives, such as time-payment plans and performing community service hours, to discharge the fine, fees and costs.

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