Design Resources

In addition to the architectural design services provided by the Texas Main Street Center, a variety of resources are available locally to assist building and business owners with the exterior appearance of properties in the Main Street District. To take advantage of these resources, please contact the Main Street director.

Plate Glass Replacement

Guardian Industries offers plate and tempered glass for historic storefronts in the Downtown District at employee pricing. Those taking advantage of this opportunity must provide accurate measurements (maximum of 59.5 inches in width), pick up the glass from the factory, and arrange for the installation of the glass.

Discounted Paint

Owen Hardware offers paint at a 30% discount for approved projects in the Downtown District. Color selections must fall within the approved pallet and must be further approved by the Main Street director and/or Landmark Commission.

Vacant Storefront Window Displays

The Main Street Design Committee is available to build window displays in vacant buildings. The intent of this program is twofold: to attract new tenants and to beautify downtown. The nature of these displays may be historic, artistic, commercial (cross-promotion), or community-building (promotion of nonprofit organizations).