Finance / City Secretary

Finance / City Secretary Department Responsibilities

Finance Responsibilities

The Finance Department is responsible for the general supervision and management of all accounting functions of the City, as well as reception services at the Corsicana Government Center. Cash management, investments, debt management, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable and Utility Billing, and fixed assets are included in these responsibilities. The Director of Finance also functions as the City Secretary.


The Finance Department ensures the safety of the citizen’s investment in the City of Corsicana. Finance administers and supervises financial affairs of the City in accordance with guidelines established by policies, procedures, ordinances, and budgets adopted by the City Council, state laws, generally accepted accounting principals, administrative polices, and Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) reporting guidelines.


The department provides financial data to users in a manner that assists in decision making. Effective internal controls are maintained to assure the financial responsibility and fiscal management of the City of Corsicana’s assets and resources. This department strives to build a solid foundation for financial stability. Other city departments are provided financial support needed to achieve their missions.

Requests for Proposals

Periodically, receives requests for proposals are received for services utilized by the department. Please sign up to receive notifications of these proposals.

City Secretary Responsibilities

The City's Director of Finance is also the City Secretary and clerk of the City Council. Responsibilities include giving notice of the council’s meetings, maintaining a journal (minutes) of the council’s proceedings, and records management, including handling the repository of all permanent documents of the City.

Insurance Claims

If you have incurred an injury or financial cost for an incident you believe falls under our responsibility, you can make a claim.  Provide a completed claim form, two repair estimates, and any supporting documentation (i.e. pictures and witness statements).  Forms and documentation can be emailed to the City Secretary or delivered to the City Secretary's office.